Are you looking to buy a new portable camping toilet in 2023? Not sure which camping toilet is the best for you? You’ve come to the best place.  Best Camping Toilets is a website that provides genuine reviews for the best camping toilets that you can trust, along with guides and tips relating to campingRV’ing and motorhoming.

We have written these reviews after testing the camping toilets ourselves.  As experienced campers and Rv’ers, we are in the best position to be able to give you sound advice and straight down the line reviews based on the specifications of each portable toilet.

All reviews have pros and cons, along with the specifications, a comparison to other models, and all the best features and benefits for that individual camping toilet.  We assess the size (they aren’t all created equal), the cost and how easy (or not) they are to pack away, put into a vehicle, and of course, to empty.

We regularly test new camping toilets as they come onto the market, but many are long-term brands provided continuously by the manufacturers, like popular Thetford,  as people like you love them too.

The most popular brand of portable camping toilets, as evidenced by the purchases from our customers in 2022 was the Thetford range, with the Thetford 92814 the most popular toilet. The Thetford 92306 and Thetford 92814 continue to be the leaders in portable camping toilets in 2023.