Where is The Model Number On a Moen Kitchen Faucet? in 2024

Where is The Model Number On a Moen Kitchen Faucet?

The model number of a Moen cooking area faucet is typically located on the product’s original packaging. If you no longer have the packaging, you can usually find it engraved on the bibcock.
This might require a thorough inspection as the engraving may be small or inconspicuous, such as the base or under the basin connection.
Knowing the part number helps identify the exact replacement parts needed for any repairs or when seeking specific instructions or customer support for that specimen.

Where is The Model Number On a Moen Kitchen Faucet? in 2024

Where is the model number on a Moen kitchen faucet? in 2024

Locating the Model Number on a Moen washbasin faucet

Under the lavatory:

The first places to look are the hoses and pipes under the sink. Moen often stamps its template numbers here.

On the spout body:

If you don’t find it under the handbasin, check on the faucet’s main body. You might need a flashlight to see clearly.

In your documentation:

Sometimes, the easiest way to find the SKU (stock-keeping unit) is in the original documentation that came with the faucet.

Tips for Reading Obscured or Worn Codes:

Using a Magnifying Glass: Sometimes, the numbers can be small or worn. A magnifying glass can help in such cases.

Taking a Rubbing:

If the serials are too worn to read, a simple pencil rubbing may reveal them.

Contacting Moen Support: If anything else fails, you can always contact Moen’s customer support. They can often locate the sample from a description or photograph.

What is a serial figure, and why do you need it?

A example digit is a unique identifier each product receives during manufacturing. It’s like a product’s fingerprint, distinguishing it from similar items from the same brand.

For your Moen galley valve, the item numeral helps to specify its design, style, and features.
Why do you need it? Knowing your Moen faucet’s product code is essential for several reasons. First, it ensures you order the correct parts for repairs or maintenance. Second, it simplifies communication with client support, helping them find your specific product quickly.
Lastly, it is necessary if you ever decide to sell or insure your product, as it provides specific details about your product.
In sum, the part serial is vital information, easing the process of maintaining, repairing, or even selling your moen food preparation area.

Familiar Places to Find the code:

Unique Markings and Indicators on moen kitchenette water faucet
moen cooking area tap don’t just have prototype numbers; they often have unique markings and indicators that set them apart.
These may include special finishes, distinguishing shapes and styles, or proprietary features like Moen’s PowerBoost™ technology.
These unique identifiers can often provide additional clues if you struggle to locate the serial figure.
They may also be helpful when communicating with patron support or looking for replacement parts that match your faucet’s aesthetic. These unique factors are another reason why tap faucets stand out in the kitchen fixture industry.

Familiar Places to Find the code

Tricks for identification a Hidden digit:

Unique Methods to Uncover a Concealed Moen bibcock item numeral
Sometimes, the Spigot kitchen tap merchandise code may need to be more conveniently located or visible.
In such situations, a few unique strategies can be employed to uncover this concealed information. This may involve using a mirror to check hard-to-see areas or removing the spout handle or other components (if you feel comfortable doing so) where some specimen numbers might be hidden.
It’s an unconventional approach, but it may prove successful when traditional methods could be more fruitful. Always remember, though, to handle your control mechanism gently to prevent any damage.

What the serial Indicates:

Understanding the Significance of the part code
The serial figureon a stopcock kitchen spigot is not just a random sequence of numbers and letters. It conveys specific information about the commodity.
Typically, it may indicate the series or collection of the ware, its color or finish, and any special features or technologies incorporated into the design. You can learn much about your faucet’s design and functionality by interpreting the item digit.
This understanding can be beneficial when identifying compatible accessories or replacements. It also helps to appreciate the innovation and thoughtfulness that goes into each fixture item.

What the serial Indicates

When All Else Fails:

Contacting mixture tap patron Support: The Final Resort
When all traditional methods of detection the good code on your tap kitchen bibcock fail, it’s time to turn to the experts.
mixture tap consumer support team is well-equipped to help you discover your specific merchandise sample. You can contact them through their official website, email, or dedicated helpline.
I want to point out that providing them with a detailed description or a photograph of your flap can speed up the process. Remember, no one knows their products better than the manufacturers themselves, making spigot buyer support your most reliable resource in this situation.

Benefits of Recording example Information:

The Advantages of Keeping a Record of Your Faucet’s part serial
Maintaining a record of your moen culinary space spigot serial numeral has several advantages. It provides a quick reference, easing the process of ordering replacement parts or scheduling repairs.
Moreover, it helps you quickly access specific commodity information, user manuals, and care instructions.
In instances of resale or insurance claims, this information is invaluable. Thus, keeping this record not only simplifies maintenance but also adds to the longevity and value of your gate kitchen spigot.


In conclusion, understanding and keeping track of your Moen kitchen faucet’s item digit is essential.
It acts as a unique identifier, guiding you in maintenance, repairs, and even communication with shopper service.
The product code also gives you access to a wealth of product-specific information, enhancing your usage of the product in the long run.
As a proud fixture kitchen owner, you should note this figure and keep it handy. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


Where do I find my Spigot Bibcock model number?

You can typically find your tap spout prototype code on the original cover, beneath the spout, or under the washbowl on the water supply lines.

Where is the model serial on a faucet?

The model number on a flap is usually found on the original enclosure, base, or underneath it, often engraved on the water supply lines or other plumbing components.

What model is my kitchen spigot?

To pinpoint your kitchen ap model, refer to the original casing, check the engraved numbers on the faucet, or consult the manufacturer’s customer service with a detailed description or photograph of your faucet.

What is the valve faucet symbol?

The fixture faucet symbol is a stylized ‘M,’ often imprinted on the base or handle of the faucet, representing the brand’s name and commitment to quality.

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